Two rare, unbootlegged, Beatles demos up for auction

An auction of items George Harrison gave to his family members back in the 60s includes two eyebrow-raising items: A pair of demo recordings that appear never to have been released or bootlegged. That's a rare circumstance, anymore, after the Beatles Anthology releases and the zillions of unofficial bootlegs of studio and live recordings that have come out over the years.

Here are details on the two demo acetates as described by Bonhams:

"What Goes On"
This track was due to be recorded on 5th March 1963 but the group ran out of time. They revisited the track during a recording session on 4th November, when they were just a month away from the release of the next album, 'Rubber Soul', and had only completed half of the tracks for it. The acetate offered here is a demo with vocals and guitars only.

"Granny Smith"
The Beatles began work on this track on 11th April 1966 and as it was untitled at that stage, it was known as 'Granny Smith'. It became 'Love You To' nearer the release date, in August, of the album 'Revolver'. 

The black leather jacket and Beatle boots George wore during the band's Hamburg days are also part of the auction. Oh to be rich...

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