BBC Radio this Week: Sherlock Holmes, HP Lovecraft, Jagger's Jukebox, more!

Click the links to hear the following shows.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Red-Headed League.

HP Lovecraft: The Tomb The obsessive Jervas Dudley reveals how he came to be incarcerated in an asylum. HP Lovecraft's chilling tale read by Ryan McCluskey.

Robert Holmes: Aliens of the Mind Strange people are discovered on a remote Scottish island. Classic radio sci-fi starring Peter Cushing and Vincent Price, written by Doctor Who script editor Robert Holmes.

Fear on Four Series of horror and suspense tales, hosted by the Man in Black.

The Goon Show Classic material from one of the all-time radio comedy greats.

The Man in Black A creepy raconteur, played by Mark Gatiss, introduces spooky tales.

Jaggers's Jukebox The Rolling Stones' frontman hand-picks a selection of favourite and influential artists.
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone Strange, surprising Sunday evenings, the perfect journey to the Freakier Zone.

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