Man of Steel Week: Superman '78!

It only took 40 years, but Superman finally made his full-length feature debut on movie screens in 1978. It was a huge phenomenon at the time, coming right on the heels of "Star Wars."

Marlon Brando was paid a million bucks for a few minutes of screen time as Superman's father, Jor-el. The special effects were groundbreaking for the time. "You'll believe a man can fly," the tagline promised.

It was the first big superhero movie and, in many way, made possible all the many current superhero films, good and bad, in our theaters.

The effects now look a little cheesy, as happens. But the film otherwise holds up very well. The charming, knowing performance of Christopher Reeve is indelible.

Here's a look back at some imagery from that time:


  1. "You'll believe a man can fly!" it said. And we did.

  2. Great post. I remember being at Cadet Camp and after two weeks of training without a break - we got the weekend off and as a group saw Stripes and Superman at the base theatre. It was the greatest time and I too believed a man could fly. He freakin' turned back time to save Lois!! I loved it all. I have the same hopes for Man of Steel.

  3. Christopher Reeve was the perfect incarnation of Superman. He will be missed! Thanks for the article and the good memories!