Pop focus: Classic Corgi Bat-vehicles

The 1960s Batman craze spawned lots of toys, including numerous versions of the Batmobile. But nobody ever topped the version made by Corgi Toys, which was available for sale through most of the 70s.

A sturdy die-cast number, it was very faithful to the TV car and could even fire plastic rockets out the back and had a retractable blade that popped out of the front. It's a favorite collectible of fans of a certain age, for sure. I still have mine -- along with Corgi's Batboat and Batcopter! But pictures of these great toys still catch my eye when I come across them online.

Below is a great batch, along with a couple of print ads for the toys, and images of some of the small Bat-vehicles Corgi produced.

We'll spotlight Corgi's James Bond vehicles at some point, too!

Notice the Batman figure on the bottom of the car.
This decal was packaged with Corgi's Batmobile toy in the 70s.

As a special bonus: Here's a 1980s TV ad plugging Corgi toys, including Bat vehicles:


  1. The Corgi Batmobile was indeed a thing of beauty, but 'though it's not so evident in your photos (on account of the perspective), the bonnet (hood) section was really rather stunted in comparison to the real thing. The similarly-scaled version by Mattel from a few years ago is much more accurate, although it wasn't only Corgi who erred in this respect - quite a few '60s Batmobile toys had short front-ends.

  2. The Corgi toy version first came out in 1966, but the front of the car was a bit short. The similar-sized Mattel version from a few years ago was more accurate, but didn't have figures, nor as much play value as the Corgi one. I'm lucky enough to have two first edition Corgi Batmobiles, plus the smaller Husky model. Great photos.