Video find: Buck Owens and His Buckaroos perform "My Heart Skips a Beat" 1966!


  1. Ah, That's Great.
    Buck introduces The Buckaroos.
    Wow. Never knew they had a Hispanic drummer!

    Know you don't care. We do here in Dallas.
    That's some killer cut on Buck's boots

    Look at the ware on Don Rich's fret board.
    That's Hard Core
    (please ignore the DON RICH sticker)

    Thanks for posting.
    Check your wonderful blog everyday.

  2. Thanks Davey!

    As a Montana cowboy, I sure as hell DO care about Bucks boots!

    Don Rich - one of the best guitarists of the 60s, but does he get mentioned? Just an awesome player, and that Tele tone.


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