Posts of Christmas Past: Christmas with the Beatles

First posted in 2014!

Christmas was always a big time for Beatles fans. The group released several of its albums during the holiday season, capitalizing on the holiday rush.

In the early 1960s, they also produced an annual Christmas show, a live package including music and skits and performances by other musical artists.

And, foremost, throughout the 1960s, the group released an annual Christmas record for members of its official Fan Club. These were not musical per se, but included chat, comedy skits and musical noodling around. These were not commercially released elsewhere. In 1970, after the band's breakup, the Fan Club compiled all the previous Christmas records - 1963-69 - and released them on a compilation LP, which also went only to members of the club.

Below are some Christmas images featuring the band.

First Beatles Christmas Fan Club record 1963

Christmas greetings from music papers and Beatles Book Monthly

Photos and program from Beatles Christmas Show

Beatles 1964 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1965 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1966 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1967 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1968 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1969 Christmas fan club record

Beatles 1970 compilation album of fan club Christmas records

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