Joe Kubert's Tex: The Lonesome Rider coming soon in English

Available for pre-order now from Amazon, Dark Horse is publishing an English edition of the Joe Kubert-illustrated Western graphic novel "Tex: The Lonesome Rider," originally published in Italian.


American icon Joe Kubert and Italian writer Claudio Nizzi collaborated on the exhilarating western Tex: The Lonesome Rider at the turn of the century--and this standalone graphic novel is now available to a wider English-language audience! Tex hunts down four ruthless killers who massacred a peaceful farming family, using his detective skills, ranger's experience, and brute force to track down his targets! However, each killer is cunning and skilled in his own right! This is the first U.S. edition of a graphic novel that was drawn by Kubert in the early 2000s!

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  1. Hmm...It's not exactly a stand-alone graphic novel since it's simply issues of the long running Italian western character TEX WILLER. I had a copy in Italian once. Good art by Joe. Much better than the series usually had/has. The series has been around for decades, though. There was at least one film adaptation even.