Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More DC Comics 100-pagers


  1. Had a few of these wish I had more but I use to love these 100 page comic books. It seemed as a kid I was getting more for my buck..well 60¢
    - Stuart

  2. The 100 page detective comics issues were among my favorites of the 100 page releases. I'm surprised people don't mention The Night of the Stalker and the excellent Alex Toth illustrated Ghost of the Phantom Skies stories more often whenever listing the best Batman stories ever made. Then there's the excellent Manhunter stories which put Walt Simonson (deservedly) on the map. I even loved the first couple of chapters of the "Bat-Murderer" story, though it didn't end quite as well as it began (Jim Aparo, alas, didn't draw the whole thing so that was a big minus).

    Great stuff!