Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pop focus: DC Comics' 100-page Super Spectaculars

Back Issue magazine recently did a full issue dedicated to DC Comics' "giant" comics of the 1970s.

Following on the heels of the great 80-page annuals of the 1960s, these new comics featured mostly re-printings of vintage stories, although blended both old and new.

Before the days of DC's line of Archives hardcovers and thick Showcase black-and-white collections, these thick 1970s comics were the cheapest, easiest way to see stories from the Gold and Silver Age of Comics.

I still have vivid memories of picking up a Justice Page 100-pager that I picked up on summer vacation and read over and over again.  These comics helped me fall in love with the whole history of the medium. As a kid, I wanted to see what my heroes were up to before I came on board - before I was even born. As an adult, I love seeing the classic work of all the great creative minds who wrote and drew these stories.

If you remember these books, too, or just want to read about them, I highly recommend Back Issue #81, which you can order here.

Meanwhile, today we launch our own look back with the first of several cover galleries spotlighting those "spectacular" comics.

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  1. I have that one with Two-Face and the Spectre in it. Cool post.