Friday, December 11, 2015

Motown's "Unreleased 1965" collects 28 unissued tracks

Motown has come out with another annual release of outtakes as a way to preserve European copyright on the materials.

Featuring unissued work by Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, the Four Tops and more, Motown Unreleased 1965 is available via download from Amazon and other providers.

In Europe, music releases become public domain after 50 years if they are not issued or reissued. That means anyone, not the original copyright holders, can issue and profit from them.

Motown has issued an "unreleased" compilation each year since 1963 in order to retain its copyrights on unissued recordings. The Beach Boys have done the same via CDs or downloads. And Bob Dylan has taken the route of issuing outtakes and live recordings via extremely limited CD and vinyl edition. This year, he's issued 10 hours worth of 1965 live recordings as a special, limited add-on to his The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 set.

The Beatles even got into the act a couple years back with a digital release of 1963 material, but skipped last year. No word, yet, if anything is planned this year for their 1965 recordings, which would include loads of studio outtakes, live concert and broadcast performances.

In the meantime, here's what's featured on Motown: Unreleased 1965.
  1. Dance Yeah Dance – Stevie Wonder
  2. While the City Sleeps – The Spinners
  3. ‘Til 12 O’Clock – Stevie Wonder
  4. Goodbye Eilene – Shorty Long
  5. My Precious Dreams – Brenda Holloway
  6. Stuck-Up – Oma Heard
  7. Just Your Love – The Four Tops
  8. What Have I Done to Myself – Brenda Holloway
  9. Didn’t I – The Hit Pack
  10. Can’t Break the Habit (Alternate Version) – Martha and the Vandellas
  11. Funny (How Time Slips Away) – Clarence Paul and Stevie Wonder
  12. About My Baby – Clarence Paul and Stevie Wonder
  13. Stepping Closer to Your Heart – The Monitors
  14. Lucky Lucky Me – Ivy Jo Hunter
  15. Try a Little Tenderness – Smokey Robinson
  16. I Cried for You – Smokey Robinson
  17. I Like Everything About You (Alternate Vocal Version) – The Four Tops
  18. It – Little Lisa
  19. My Daddy Knows Best – Little Lisa
  20. It’s Got to Be Love – The Monitors
  21. Going to a Go-Go (Alternate Version) – Smokey Robinson
  22. For Once in My Life – Connie Haines
  23. Baby You Know You Ain’t Right (Alternate Slow Version) – Jr. Walker and the All Stars
  24. Yesterday – Chris Clark
  25. Determination – Ivy Jo Hunter
  26. I Got Heaven Right Here on Earth (Alternate Version) – The Temptations
  27. I Don’t Want You Anymore – Chris Clark
  28. Can’t Figure It Out – The Lewis Sisters

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