June 2016 comics solications - highlights

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Daredevil Epic Collection: The Man Without Fear
Born to a past-his-prime prizefighter, Matt Murdock's luck always ran a step behind his good intentions. When a daring act to save a man's life blinds young Murdock, he finds that the same accident has enhanced his remaining senses to superhuman levels! He becomes Daredevil, a gritty hero born from murder but tempered with the desire to protect the downtrodden. 

Howard the Duck Complete Collection Vol. 3
Discover rare, never-before-collected tales of the duck with delusions of adequacy as Marvel's trawl through the annals of Howard history plunders the magazine era! As rendered by legends like Gene Colan, John Buscema and Michael Golden, Howie has never looked better, while his adventures get wilder than ever. As for the stories, who could resist epics like "Of Dice and Ducks," "Captain Americana" and "Duck Soup"? Howard will reunite with muck monster Man-Thing and meet Santa Claus, and one of horror's greatest icons may leave a lasting impression: prepare for Drakula, the undead duck! It's enough to make a furious fowl head back home to Duckworld - and Beverly comes along for the ride! Plus: In the name of all that's decent, Howard puts on some pants!
COLLECTING: Howard the Duck Magazine 2-7

Black Panther Masterworks Vol. 2
Jack "King" Kirby returns to the character he made history with as Marvel Masterworks presents his complete Black Panther series and its never-before-reprinted conclusion in one massive volume! Kirby's limitless imagination unfurls before you as T'Challa unlocks the secret of King Solomon's frog, encounters alien races, battles eternal samurai warriors and much, much more. The history of the Wakandans, their majestic city, their amazing technology and the origins of Vibranium are all explored with a power and passion that only Kirby can offer. 

Batman: Brave and the Bold Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1
Throughout the 1970s, Batman fought evil month side by side with DC Comics' greatest - and, occasionally, strangest - super-heroes. Guest-starring Wonder Woman, the Phantom Stranger, Adam Stranger, Black Canary, the Teen Titans, the Flash, Metamorpho, the Metal Men, Green Arrow, the Atom, Aquaman and many others, this title features gritty artwork by Jim Aparo and fun, fast-paced stories written by Bob Haney and are collected in a single, massive hardcover for the first time.
Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #87-122.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: The Complete Joe Kubert Years Omnibus
Writing, drawing, and editing the monthly Tarzan comic-book series in the 1970s, Joe Kubert was able to illustrate the adventures of his childhood hero and produce some of the most inspiring pages of his career. This beautiful archival collection-featuring several Tarzan essays and original page layouts by Kubert, along with collaborations with Russ Heath and Frank Thorne-is a must-have for fans of timeless adventure tales and Kubert's undeniable intensity and skill.

Complete Elfquest Vol. 3
The legacy of Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest continues! Experience the dreams of the Wolfriders during their deep sleep as they await the passage of ten thousand years to reunite the tribes--and enjoy the lavishly colored stories of the tribe's history.

Creepy Archives Vol. 24
Uncle Creepy--your favorite cackling comrade--has put together an impressive assembly of creators for Creepy Archives Volume 24! Stories by Archie Goodwin, Bruce Jones, Larry Hama, John Severin, Alex Toth, Al Williamson, Walter Simonson, and many others are collected in this horrifying hardcover, featuring issues #112 to #116 of Warren Publishing's groundbreaking and experimental horror title. This tome is overflowing with classic collaborations, timeless terror tales, bizarre creatures, and strange settings!

The Dark Horse Comics/DC: Superman
"This volume collects issues #1-#3 of Superman vs. Aliens, originally published in 1995; issues #1-#4 of Superman vs. Aliens II: God War, originally published in 2002; issues #1-#3 of The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo, originally published in 1997; and issues #1-#3 of Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle, originally published in 2001 and 2002; all from Dark Horse Comics."

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection Volume 3 (1981-1982)
New artists offer a new look, but the wall-crawling adventure is as exciting as ever! Doctor Octopus and Aunt May a couple? Not if Peter Parker can help it! Mary Jane’s stage debut may be spoiled by the mystery man known as―The Assassin! As the campaign for president heats up, millionaire Thurston Thruwell shows us where creatures roam, while Spidey invades Latveria just in time for Dr. Doom and his captured spaceship to show the world where monsters dwell! And that’s just to start! Edited by Bruce Canwell, this book includes more than 700 sequential comics―the complete run from January 1981 through December 1982!

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Daily Newspaper Comics Volume 3
From the Disney Vaults! The early Donald Duck daily strips are collected for the first time ever! This third volume includes 750 sequential daily comic strips from 1943 to 1945 drawn by Al Taliaferro and reproduced from pristine original material in the Disney Vaults!

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Vol. 9: "Rise Of The Rhyming Man" (Vol. 9)
Mickey and Eega team up to save Mouseton from the Rhyming Man... a poetic master spy with an arsenal of chemical weapons! Black and white illustrations with some color.

The Living Mummy And Other Stories
When Jack Davis took up his pen for EC Comics, he made his innocent victims more eye-poppingly terrified, his ax-murderers more gleefully gruesome, and his vampires and werewolves more bloodthirsty and feral than any other artist. These horror and suspense tales ― from the pages of Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, Crime SuspenStories, and Shock SuspenStories ― offer everything a horror fan could ask for: re-animated bodies and body parts, a ghoul who stores bodies like a squirrel stores nuts, a vampire who moonlights at (where else?) a blood bank, greedy business partners, corrupt politicians, jealous lovers, revenge from beyond the grave, and a healthy complement of vampires, werewolves, and assorted grotesqueries. All leavened with the cackling, pun-laced humor of scripter Al Feldstein and illuminated as only the virtuoso brushwork of Jack Davis can present them. Black & white Illustrations throughout.

Wally Wood Jungle Adventures - Animan
Before Marvel's Wolverine, before DC Comics' Animal Man, Hall of Fame comics creator Wallace (Wally) Wood created Animan! After years of evolution, shortly after leaving Marvel's Daredevil (where he added significantly to that character's creative development), to launch his creation, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents; Wood unveiled his Animan masterpiece in early issues of his ground-breaking self-published magazine, Witzend. Vanguard continues their Wood Classics series, following Wally Wood Strange World, Wally Wood Eerie Crime & Horror and Wally Wood Torrid Romance, with nearly 200 pages of Wood jungle comics spanning from the Golden Age through the 1960s including Animan, Jim King, Sabu, and much more. This book is authorized by the Wallace Wood Estate