"Asterix and the Chariot Race" - out today

The third Asterix album by Jean Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad is out today. You can order it now from Amazon.


And they're off! The action-packed chariot race is off to a flying start in all the best bookshops, with 48 pages of adventures, jokes and scrapes right across the Italian peninsula.

To reinforce Rome's prestige and the unity of the people of the Italian peninsula, Julius Caesar authorises a race open to all the peoples of the Known World, with the aim of demonstrating the excellence of Roman roads in spectacular fashion.

Caesar gives the event organisers a sine qua non condition: the Roman chariot MUST cross the finish line in first position (it would seem that even in those days, sports, politics and showbiz were already closely intertwined...)!

Unfortunately for Caesar, he hadn't counted on our two Gaul champions signing up for the race and threatening to shatter his dreams of grandeur... Especially Obelix, who is determined to become a great charioteer (chariot driver) and finally be a star!