Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Coming Up: "Hillbillies in Hell: The Rapture - Country Music's Tormented Testament 1952-1974"

Out Oct. 19. Order now from Amazon.


From the backwoods brimstone labyrinth comes 'Hillbillies In Hell: The Rapture' - a blazing collection of psychedelic pedal-steel guitars, rapturous Gospel odes, She-Devils, possessed minors, hayseed barroom homicides, hallucinogenic nightmares and desperate souls. Originally waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in minuscule amounts, these troubled and forgotten troubadours sing of drug-fueled delusions, suicidal ideation, deathly rivers and Satan's perpetual torments. Years in the making - 'Hillbillies In Hell: The Rapture' presents 34 testaments of benighted sinners, timeless tribulations, bottomless graves and the tall, tall flames of eternal damnation. A Luciferian cache of subterranean 45s - some of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your primordial listening pleasure.  


       1. Lloyd Green - Panic - 'A Trip'

  2. Loy Clingman - It's Nothing To Me
  3. Ronnie Wolfe - The Devil
  4. Roy And Georgia and the SO and SO's - Devil Get Away From Me
  5. Robert Zehm - Satan's Suitcase
  6. Jack Turner - Nightmare
  7. Lynn Cramer With The Blue Sky Ramblers - Wild She Devil
  8. The Burton Family - Eternal Life
  9. The Statesmen Quartet - Turn Your Radio On
  10. Evangelist Allen Wingate - I Saw The Light
  11. Don Reno & Red Smiley - Get Behind Me Satan
  12. Wayne Cochran - No Return
  13. Jesse Floyd - Satan's Wife
  14. G. M. Farley and The Foggy River Boys - Judas
  15. Ernest Martin & His Gospel Melody Makers - When the Wrath of God Comes Down
  16. Deacon Gilliland & Judy Tripp - You Can't Hide
  17. Margie Singleton - On The Cross
  18. Ernest Carter And The Hymn Trio - The Gospel Train
  19. Sunshine Boys - Stop Now, It's Praying Time
  20. Red Hays - A Satisfied Mind
  21. Howard Vokes - Ghost Of A Honky Tonk Slave
  22. Bobby Griggs - Please Devil
  23. Johnny Bond - Let Me Go Devil
  24. The Looper Trio - Life Beyond Death
  25. Sister Ada Allen - Path Of Sin
  26. Reverend Tully McCoy - Fourth Man
  27. Jack Turner - Little Boy, Why Do You Weep?
  28. Dallas Stamper And His Spiritual Rhythmettes - I Am
  29. Bill & Opal Carter with The Country Gents - Singing, Shouting, Praying
  30. Rev. John Carter - There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
  31. The Statesmen with Hovie Lister - Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
  32. Sunshine Boys Quartet - Goodbye World, Goodbye
  33. Billy Massey - Ghost Town
  34. Lloyd Green - ('pirT A') cinaP

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