Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Coming up: Birth Work Death - Work, Money And Status In Country Music 1950-1970

Out Oct. 19. Pre-order from Amazon now.


32 timeless tales of clanging Hammers and pounding Shovels - from wry, dry working-stiff diatribes to bare-chested exclamations - Birth / Work / Death maps the human work experience from anger to joy, poverty to riches. From the muck-crusted mines to late-night jukeboxes - backwoods outsiders and Nashville icons alike waxed odes to the entwined necessities of Work and Money, Status and Competition, Survival and Servitude. Harrowing laments of dank deaths underground, fevered hymns to Mammon, snide ripostes to debt-bondage and exuberant celebrations of family and sustenance. Most originally waxed on private press labels and distributed in tiny amounts, these town criers and tavern-bound troubadours sing of golden highways, slothful byways, factory-floor drudgery and fallow, heartbreaking fields. Years in the making - 'Birth / Work / Death' presents calloused anthems and bloody ballads from dusty LPs and long forgotten 45s. All for your lunch-hour listening pleasure. 


1. Bill Carter - By The Sweat Of My Brow
  2. Bobby Barnett - Workin' Man
  3. Tex Ritter - The Workingman's Prayer
  4. Mr. Connie Dycus - Dark As A Dungeon
  5. Dave Dudley - Workin' Hands
  6. Eddie Noack - Cotton Mill
  7. The Westport Kids - You Kain't Take It With You
  8. Arlie Duff - Money Hungry
  9. Tex Williams - Money
  10. Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons '65
  11. Charlie Gore - Black Diamond
  12. Howard Vokes - The Miner
  13. The Wray Brothers - Down In The Mine
  14. George Davis - Little Lump Of Coal
  15. Doc Williams - Don't Want To Work
  16. David Hiser - On Strike
  17. Buddy Durham - Sixteen Tons
  18. Sunshine Boys Quartet - Checking Up On My Payments
  19. Slim Willet - Come Sundown
  20. Dewitt Lee - Poor Man
  21. Rusty Dunn With Wayne Roberts & The Countrymen - Production Line
  22. Billy Parker - It Takes A Lot Of Money
  23. Phil Brown with Bill Wood's Band - You're A Luxury
  24. Daily Carson - He Ain't Got Nothing But A Cadillac
  25. Perry Tonightus And The Heart Burn - Living On The Welfare Check
  26. Tommy Dee - Welfare Cadillac
  27. Harold Montgomery & his Star Lighters - All Them Wives
  28. Jay Lee Webb - Finance Company Waltz
  29. Jack Shaw - Black Lung
  30. Rev. Joe Freeman - There Will Be No Black Lung - Up In Heaven
  31. Stan Farlow - 1040 Blues
  32. Ray Winfree - Poor Man's Blues

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