Coming Up: Wonder Woman: Diana Prince: Celebrating the '60s Book One

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Now collected in a new trade paperback, these are the tales from the end of the 1960s in which Wonder Woman casts aside her super powers to become secret agent Diana Prince, taking on international crime with the help of her new mentor, the mysterious I-Ching.

In these stories from the late 1960s, Wonder Woman leaves her super-powers behind to become an ultra-mod, globetrotting secret agent, along with a new mentor, the mysterious I Ching, and a hard-boiled detective friend named Tim Trench. With a new costume and a new attitude, Diana Prince fights crime like never before! These adventures are written by such comics luminaries as Dennis O'Neil, Robert Kanigher, Mike Sekowsky and more, and are back in a series of new trade paperback editions.

No Wonder Woman collection is complete without this legendary part of her deep history. Collects Wonder Woman #178-194 and more!