Wednesday, June 05, 2019

New Comics Day: Bravo for Adventure; Donald Duck - Duck Avenger Strikes Again

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More than forty years after its creation, Bravo For Adventure remains a rollicking pastiche of 1930s high-adventure, replete in the visual trappings of film noir without any of that genre's existential depression. By this point in his career Toth had stripped out all extraneous lines and detail, demonstrating complete command of his staging and chiaraoscruo technique, and cementing his reputation as the medium's most sophisticated storyteller.

When Uncle Scrooge, to promote his wax museum, sends a robot double of Duck Avenger flying past Donald's house, Donald's secret is threatened! Can our hero use his high-tech Avenger gadgets to allay suspicion - or will hyper-lucky Gladstone Gander make things even worse? (Oh, yes, you know he will!) And, in "Ellsworth's Ornery Orphan," Mickey tells the distant desert tale of his mynah bird pal, Ellsworth - and a showdown with dread pirate Mozambeak! Then, a money-scented perfume sends Brigitta MacBridge and Scrooge to the isle of Bananaland in "The Other Golden Helmet" - Scarpa's one-and-only collaboration with Duck artist supreme Carl Barks! First time in English!

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