Coming Up: New Gods by Gerry Conway

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Details from DC Comics:
The New Gods have starred in some of the most compelling stories in all of comics, written by masters like Jack Kirby and Gerry Conway. Now comes New Gods by Gerry Conway!

The Anti-Life Equation, a simple set on functions that would give Darkseid ultimate power over all sentient life, is exactly the type of thing the New Gods want to keep away from the Lord of Apokolips. However, the battle for the fate of the universe comes knocking on Earth's door. Six earthlings are all determined to possess a part of the equation, and the New Gods must reach them before Darkseid does.

Collects New Gods issues #12-19, 1st Issue Special #13, Super-Team Family #15, Adventure Comics #459-#460 Justice League of America #183-185.

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