Coming up: "The Spectre: The Bronze Age Omnibus"

Out July 14. Order from Amazon now.

Originally introduced in More Fun Comics #42 in 1940 and co-created by Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, the Spectre is a green-caped, white-skinned figure who metes out justice in the name of heaven. DC's grim arbiter of justice, the Spectre, resurfaced in the 1960s for all-new--and sometimes controversial--stories demonstrating the true power of his vengeance. In this omnibus collecting Showcase #60-61 and #64, The Brave and the Bold #72, #75, #116, #180, and #199, The Spectre #1-10, Adventure Comics #431-440, DC Comics Presents #29, and Ghosts #97-99, witness former cop Jim Corrigan dish out ghoulish punishments across the DC Universe!

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