Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Visit Christmas past with "Holly Jolly" - a nostalgic new photo book

Christmas is a time for nostalgia—maybe this year more than most. And this book is a great tool for fortifying those feelings as we look for distractions from the crisis at hand.

Authored and assembled by Mark Voger, it's packed with photos of favorite comics, toys, movies, TV specials, holiday records and more from the past, along with detailed information about all of those topics. The book is a great guide to holiday viewing and listening, and will bring back many fond memories. It's nearly as fun to leaf through as a vintage Sears Wishbook.

But there's deeper level to it, too. Voger write about what the holidays mean to him, and shares recollections and photos from his childhood. And the early chapters are downright historical, detailing the Biblical, cultural and commercial beginnings of the holiday season and how it got to be the mixed-up jumble it is today.

From the manger, Santa and Scrooge to "It's a Wonderful Life," "The Grinch" and "The Star Wars Holiday Special," it's all here, and more.

Spend your Christmas at home this year with this book, your memories and close family, and keep others safe. Next year, we'll all be together again to make new memories.

Order from TwoMorrows Publishing.

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