Thursday, January 07, 2021

Gallery: Comic book covers from January 1971 - Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle blasts off and more

Here's a look what you might've seen on the spinner rack 50 years ago this month.

Oh, oh, Superman has gone revolutionary, leading some "cats" to take over the university! Next thing you know, they'll be storming the Capitol...
One of many classic Nick Cardy "Aquaman" covers.
One of several Neal Adams covers for DC in this particular month. The 70s were a glorious era for DC cover art.
Neal again...
Terrifying, also be Neal.
Joe Kubert did a ton of fun Sgt. Rock covers during this period. Back when they used dialogue on comics covers. Why did they ever stop?
I have no idea what's going on in this one, and it's super creepy as a result:
Jimmy goes nuts, punches Superman, starts selling canned veggies...
I mean, holy cow, how many covers did Adams do this month?!!! All great, too.
Also something you don't see anymore, really, is a multi-panel cover like this:
Another nice one from Cardy:
Not PC, DC.
Nice early Conan work by Barry Windsor Smith:
Lots of talking on these Marvel covers, too:
The "M" rating seems a little superfluous next the decapitated head:
A few covers also in this batch from Skywald Comics, the short-lived company formed by renegade Marvel publisher Martin Goodman:
I love Gold Key's painted covers:
Packed with action! A short-lived comic based on a short-lived TV series:

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