Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Neal Adams' first full-length Fantastic Four story coming in treasury-size collection from Marvel

Coming March 23 and available for pre-order now from Amazon is a treasury-size edition of the recent Fantastic Four mini-series "Antithesis" by legendary comics artist Neal Adams and writer Mark Waid.

Details from Marvel:

Legendary artist Neal Adams illustrates his first ever full-length Fantastic Four story - and FF legend Mark Waid is back to join him! An unstoppable meteor of unknown origin has just erupted from hyperspace - and unless the Fantastic Four can keep it from hitting Manhattan, millions will die! But worse is yet to come. Galactus has vanished - and only he has the power to defeat his Negative Zone equivalent, the mysterious Antithesis! The Silver Surfer leads Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny on a mad race across the galaxy in search of the World-Eater - but if they fail, desperate times may call for desperate measures. Cosmic rays gave them their powers - but what will the Power Cosmic do to the FF?! Plus: two classic tales by Waid and Adams!

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