Wednesday, February 03, 2021

New comics collected editions out now: Manhunter; Legion of Super-Heroes; DC's Greatest Detective Stories Ever Told; Luke Cage Epic Collection

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Pivotal early-1980s Legion of Super-Heroes stories, set just before the epic "Great Darkness Saga," are now available in the first volume of an all-new collection!
    The greatest heroes of the 30th century star in these classic stories that set the stage for "The Great Darkness Saga," one of the most beloved tales in Legion history!
    First, the Legion--including Mon-El, Brainiac 5, and Phantom Girl--takes on a Circus of Death! Then, the villainous Dagon strikes, kidnapping several Legionnaires' parents for ransom! And the Fatal Five return--now working for the Dark Man!
    Plus, in Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes, find out startling new information from the past of the Legion and their ally R.J. Brande!
    This volume collects Legion of Super-Heroes #260-271 and Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1-3.

Batman may be the World's Greatest Detective, but he's hardly the only sleuth in the DC Universe. This new title collects key adventures starring Lois Lane, the Question, Slam Bradley, Detective Chimp, and everyone's favorite Caped Crusader, Batman.
    These tales span DC's history, from 1937 to today, and even include a special appearance by the granddaddy of all detectives, Sherlock Holmes.
    Collects Adventure Comics #51, Batman #441, Detective Comics #2, #329, and #572, Lois Lane #1-2, Secret Origins #40, and The Question #8.

Luke Cage burst onto the comics scene in 1972 as the "Hero for Hire." Equal parts Marvel Method and Blaxploitation boldness, he was a new kind of hero for a new era, the historic first African-American character to headline his own series. Cage's adventures depicted New York City's 1970s grit and the plight of its people with a realism that was gripping in its time, all while incorporating larger-than-life villains including Black Mariah and Doctor Doom. This Epic Collection present page after page of classic Luke Cage adventures: Including his origin, his growing relationship with Clare Temple, the first appearance of Cottonmouth, a battle with Iron Man and a fight to the finish for the name Power Man.
Vol. 1: Hero for Hire (1972) 1-16, Power Man (1974) 17-23

In 1973, revered comics writer Archie Goodwin teamed with rising star artist Walter Simonson for a short feature in Detective Comics called Manhunter. Conceived as a colorful contrast to the dark lead stories starring Batman, Manhunter was adventurer Paul Kirk, who criss-crossed the globe in an espionage caper, with the mysterious Council that trained him in pursuit. The story culminated in a team-up with Batman, during which Manhunter was killed in action. This brief but fast-paced epic won two Shazam! Awards, the 1970s equivalent of today's Eisner Awards.
    Collects stories from Detective Comics #437 - 443, plus the silent epilogue story first published in the 1990s.

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