New comics collected editions out this week: Fantastic Four - Antithesis; Green Arrow - 80 Years of the Emerald Archer

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Legendary artist Neal Adams illustrates his first ever full-length Fantastic Four story - and FF legend Mark Waid is back to join him! An unstoppable meteor of unknown origin has just erupted from hyperspace - and unless the Fantastic Four can keep it from hitting Manhattan, millions will die! But worse is yet to come. Galactus has vanished - and only he has the power to defeat his Negative Zone equivalent, the mysterious Antithesis! The Silver Surfer leads Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny on a mad race across the galaxy in search of the World-Eater - but if they fail, desperate times may call for desperate measures. Cosmic rays gave them their powers - but what will the Power Cosmic do to the FF?! Plus: two classic tales by Waid and Adams!
Collects: Fantastic Four: Antithesis (2020) 1-4, X-Men (1963) 65, Fantastic Four (1998) 60

Read iconic stories selected from eight decades of the Emerald Archer starring: Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke. With appearances from Green Lantern, Black Canary, Speedy, and more!
    Includes newly restored versions of "The Rainbow Archer" and "The Green Arrow's Mystery Pupil" from issues of Adventure Comics! Plus commentary from former Green Arrow writers, artists, editors, and showrunners: Mike Gold, Mike Grell, Ann Nocenti, Greg Berlanti, and Marc Guggenheim!