Coming up: 'Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino Vol. 1"

Out Feb. 8. Order now from Amazon.


Collecting some of Infantino's most incredible work from the Silver Age of comics, including stories from Secret Origins, Detec tive Comics, The Flash, All-Star Comics, and more.

The man most closely associated with the Silver Age Flash, Carmine Infantino began working in comics in the mid-1940s as the artist on such features as Green Lantern, Black Canary, Ghost Patrol and the original Golden Age Flash. Infantino lent his unique style to a variety of super-hero, supernatural, and Western features throughout the 1950s until he was tapped to pencil the 1956 revival of the Flash. While continuing to pencil THE FLASH series, he also provided the art for other strips, including Batman, the Elongated Man and Adam Strange. Infantino became DC's editorial director in 1967 and ultimately its president before returning to freelancing in 1976.

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