Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New on Video: Justice Society: World War II; King Kong (1976) Collector's Edition - Blu-ray; Man With a Camera: The Complete Series

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When Flash clashes with the Speed Force, all bets may be off. It turns out that Flash can move even faster than he ever dreamed. And, in the midst of World War II, there has never been a better time to call upon superpowers. With Wonder Woman leading the charge, and the entire Justice Society to back her up,this team needs to make sure that they beat the Nazis.

The Petrox company's search for new oil reserves on a strange island unleashes a terror unseen by civilized man—King Kong! The timeless story of a beauty (Jessica Lange, making her feature-film debut) and a beast comes to the screen in this ambitious production from Dino De Laurentiis. Charles Grodin is the scheming oil company shark out to exploit the giant beast to his fullest. And Jeff Bridges is the desperate hero, Jack Prescott, who attempts to wrest the beautiful heroine from King Kong's grasp. New York City trembles with each echoing footstep of the towering ape set loose in the streets!

Bonus Content:
  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian Ray Morton (Author of King Kong – The History of a Movie Icon)
  • Audio Interview with Special Makeup Effects Wizard Rick Baker
  • Something's Haywire – An Interview with Actor Jack O'Halloran
  • On the Top of The World – An Interview with Assistant Director David McGiffert and Production Manager Brian Frankish
  • Maybe in Their Wildest Dreams – An Interview with Sculptor Jack Varner
  • There's A Fog Bank Out There – An Interview with Second Unit Director William Kronick
  • From Space to Apes – An Interview with Photographic Effects Assistant Barry Nolan
  • When the Monkey Dies, Everybody Cries – An Interview with Production Assistants Jeffrey Chernov and Scott Thaler
  • Audio: DTS-HD 5.1 and Restored Theatrical DTS-HD 2.0 Stereo Track
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots
  • Still Galleries – Posters, Lobby Cards, Behind-the-Scenes Photos
  • 2K Scan of the Additional TV Footage from the Internegative
  • King Kong Panel Discussion from the Aero Theater (2016)
(1958-60) Two-disc set with 29 episodes. In 1958 a young Charles Bronson came to ABC-Television in the fast-paced action drama “Man With a Camera,” which was loosely based on the popular radio series “Casey, Crime Photographer” starring Staats Cottsworth and the earlier TV series “Crime Photographer” starring Darren McGavin. Bronson played Mike Kovac, a former WWII combat photographer now freelancing in New York City, who specialized in getting the photographs that other lensmen couldn’t. His assignments came from newspapers, insurance agencies, the police and private individuals, all of whom wanted a filmed record of an event. His cases always lead to danger, usually involving a good-looking damsel in distress. Kovac’s police liaison was Lieutenant Donovan, well played by James Flavin, who looked to the freelance cameraman for help with the cases the cops couldn’t handle. To the viewer’s delight, Kovac employed the latest photographic technology to solve a case, including a Minox III mini-camera fastened to his belt; fisheye and telephoto lenses; and various other cutting-edge technologies; even converting the trunk of his car into a portable darkroom where he could develop his negatives on the spot.


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