Coming up: Official release - Small Faces live in 1966

An upcoming official release of the Small Faces in their mod prime. Order now from Amazon.


"I am so pleased there is a record of us performing at this time. We were a great live act then and even though we started to have hits, our live act was never the same again. This gig is really what The Small Faces were all about... " 

                                                                                        Kenney Jones, 2021

Restored by Tosh Flood and newly mastered by Nick Robbins who have worked on all previous Small Faces remasters on Decca and Immediate. From the archive of surviving band member Kenney Jones, two sets recorded at the Twenty Club in Mouscron, Belgiumon, 9 January 1966, capture incredible live versions of well-known songs alongside tracks the Small Faces never recorded in the studio.

Deluxe gatefold CD digi-book designed by Phil Smee. Rare and previously unseen photos by Tony Gale. Printed inner sleeves and fully illustrated CD booklet with in-depth sleeve notes by Martin Payne (Making Time) feature exclusive interview with Kenney Jones. 

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