Wednesday, November 24, 2021

New on Video: "The Thin Man Goes Home" Blu-ray

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William Powell and Myrna Loy reunite as amateur sleuths Nick and Nora Charles in this penultimate 5th entry to the beloved, long-running series of mystery comedies that began a decade earlier. Outlaws come and go in Nick and Nora’s lives. Now it’s time to meet the in-laws. The debonair sleuths leave little Nicky Jr. at boarding school, grab Asta and head to Nick’s boyhood home of Sycamore Springs. Of course, wherever they go, murder has a way of showing up on the doorstep. Nick can show off his gumshoe talents for his parents when an artist is killed. And he’ll do it without customary liquid inspirations… because Nick is on the wagon. Formats: Blu-ray. 

Extras: Classic M-G-M Robert Benchley short “Why, Daddy?,” classic M-G-M Tex Avery cartoon “Screwball Squirrel,” original theatrical trailer. 

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