New Comics Collected Editions Out This Week: Doctor Srange; What If?; Lucky Luke!

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Roger Stern and Chris Claremont turn their magic towards the Master of the Mystic Arts—Doctor Strange! Joined by artistic icons Gene Colan, Marshall Rogers and Tom Sutton, there is no doubt the Doctor is in. Their stories featuring villains Nightmare, D’Spayre and the Dream Weaver twist reality and rend Strange and Clea’s souls with inconceivable fears. Next, Baron Mordo returns, armed with the occult secrets of the Vatican. Then, Wong is captured by the Shadowqueen and Clea and Strange must traverse dimensions and battle the demonic N’Garai to save him! Also featuring mystic encounters with Nighthawk, Namor, the Avengers and the Black Knight and the return of a figure from one of Doctor Strange’s first adventures.
    COLLECTING: Doctor Strange (1974) 29-51, Man-Thing (1979) 4; material from Chamber of Chills (1972) 3-4, Defenders (1972) 53

Complete your collection of the classic series in which Marvel’s best and brightest posed the eternal question: What If? The results were action-packed, thought-provoking and often tragic twists on the Marvel Universe you know! How would Peter Parker’s life change if Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy had lived…if his clone had survived…or if Aunt May was bitten by the spider? What if Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny never gained their powers…or there was no Fantastic Four at all? Imagine if the Thing and the Beast continued to mutate, Matt Murdock became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., or Captain America became President! Phoenix and Elektra don’t die…but Yellowjacket and the Invisible Girl do! Dazzler becomes the herald of Galactus, Wolverine kills the Hulk, Iron Man is trapped in the past, Thor meets Conan the Barbarian…and much more!
    COLLECTING: What If? (1977) 23-47

The 144 pages of this fourth volume of the ‘Complete Collection' contains three full titles. While The Bluefeet are Coming! was penned by Morris himself, Lucky Luke vs Joss Jamon and The Dalton Cousins are the results of the legendary partnership between Morris and Goscinny, and the genius writer's talent shines through even in the team's early efforts – which here include the first appearance of those who would soon become the most infamous (and stupidest) bandits in the Old West! Goscinny and the Daltons in superb hardback format – an unmistakable volume.

Covering the years 1957 to 1959, this fifth volume of the Complete Collection brings together in its 144 pages three volumes that truly open the golden age of the Morris-Goscinny team. In The Judge, the new writer adopts the tradition of introducing historical characters – here Judge Roy Bean. As for The Oklahoma Land Rush, it's based on historical events, another future tradition of the series. Finally, The Daltons' Escape sees the return of the Dalton cousins, and the beginning of a long and distinguished career as recurring villains. Comic history being written, now in hardback format!