Coming Up: John Barry "The More Things Change - Film, TV & Studio Work 1968-1973"

Out April 1 from Ace Records. Available for pre-order now from Amazon or Import CDs.


In the late 1960s and early 70s, John Barry was at his creative peak, writing both his greatest Bond music for On Her Majesty's Secret Service and the score for the Oscar-winning Midnight Cowboy within a few months of each other. 

As one decade melted into the next, Barry would provide a host of haunting, highly atmospheric scores: The Appointment, Deadfall, Mary Queen Of Scots, Follow Follow, with possibly his finest ever saved for Nicolas Roeg's masterpiece Walkabout. 

He also found time to write the deathless theme for TV series The Persuaders. 

"The More Things Change" collects Barry's finest work from this period, including the majority of 1970's classic "Ready When You Are, J. B. " album, released on CD for the very first time. 

In addition, it collects loose ends from the period (including selections from 1968's lost Richard Lester classic Petulia), then follows Barry into the early 70s. 

It has been compiled by music writer and John Barry superfan Bob Stanley, with extensive sleeve notes and a gorgeous selection of ephemera. 2022 will also see the publication of "Music By John Barry", a 500-page book covering his greatest scores, and a season of Barry-scored films at London's BFI Southbank.

Track list:

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. We Have All the Time in the World
  3. Theme from 'Romance for
  4. Guitar and Orchestra'
  5. Who Will Buy My Yesterdays
  6. Fun City
  7. The Lion in Winter
  8. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  9. Theme from 'The Appointment'
  10. Try
  11. The More Things Change
  12. Afternoon
  13. A Little Old-Fashioned Nostalgia
  14. Theme from 'The Persuaders'
  15. Main Title - Petulia
  16. Theme from 'Walkabout'
  17. Follow Follow
  18. Diamonds Are Forever (Single Version)
  19. Highway 101
  20. The Adventurer
  21. This Way Mary
  22. The Children
  23. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Suite