Big Albums from March 1973: Pink Floyd! Led Zeppelin! Alice Cooper! More!

Classic albums released this month, 50 years ago. Click the links to order from Amazon.

Maybe you've heard of it. This is the LP that finally made the Floyd a household name, accompanied a zillion basement bong sessions and, strangely, works as a soundtrack to the first bit of "The Wizard of Oz" (something that was likely discovered during a basement bong session).
    The albums with Syd and Meddle are better in my book, but Dark Side is obviously a special album and worth an anniversary spin this month.

The critically acclaimed and likely best-known and most accessible LP from the Velvet Underground co-founder. Backing musicians include Lowell George and Wilton Felder.

Todd gets weirdly psychedelic in the wake of the commercial success of Something/Anything. Rolling Stone called it "his most experimental, and annoying, effort to date" but Patti Smith loved it.

The band's third LP spawned some of its best-known tunes, including "Long Train Runnin'", "China Grove" and "Without You."

The gravel-voiced singer-songwriter's debut barely hints at the bizarre brilliance to come, but is pretty brilliant in its own right, featuring tunes later covered by Tim Buckley, Bette Midler, Meat Loaf and, suitably enough, Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

The group's second LP is the last to feature Eno and the one that features "Do the Strand," all pointing to glammer and more commercial pastures.

The debut of the Fripp, Bruford, Wetton, Cross, Muir lineup remains one of the band's biggest LPs. A landmark of prog rock, for better or worse. The title track is 13 minutes long and, as a meal, tastes terrible.

After playing Dark Side of the Moon, liven up your basement bong party with this one. Featuring "The Song Remains the Same," "The Rain Song," "D'Yer Maker," "The Crunge" and "Over the Hills and Far Away" it doesn't get more green shag carpet than this.

The band's fourth and final album is the one with "Cindy Incidentally," "Borstal Boys" and the lovely title track, sung by Ronnie Wood.

The bestest-selling Alice Cooper album ever. "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

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