New Comics Collected Editions: Nova! Avengers! Moon Knight! Daredevil!

Our picks this week. Click the links to order from Amazon.

Moon Knight’s longest running series gets the Omnibus treatment! Marc Spector gets down and dirty tackling street-level crime as a vigilante of the night. But when his old nemesis Bushman conquers his homeland of Burunda, Moon Knight must renew an international rivalry against his deadliest foe — with Marlene’s life at stake! Meanwhile, Marc gains an unwanted ally in Midnight, takes on the anarchist Flag-Smasher, and finds himself on trial for his crimes as a mercenary! Can Spider-Man and the Punisher help Marc root out the source of his woes — the Secret Empire? Plus: Stained-Glass Scarlet seeks redemption, and Moon Knight deals with Arsenal, Chainsaw, Ghost Rider, the Hobgoblin…and a sidekick’s revenge!
    COLLECTING: Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989) 1-34, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 353-358, Moon Knight: Divided We Fall (1992) 1, material from Punisher Annual (1988) 2

In this Epic Collection, Daredevil, the Black Widow and Shanna the She-Devil must join together to uncover the secret leaders of Black Spectre, an organization bent on bringing the United States to its knees. It’s a massive saga that will pull in heroes from across the Marvel Universe, culminating in a battle on the White House lawn! Classic villains like the Gladiator and the Owl also abound, and new enemies emerge when Death-Stalker hatches a plan that brings the Man-Thing into the fray. Then, Daredevil and S.H.I.E.L.D. confront a renewed Hydra. And finally, the Man Without Fear’s life changes forever when Bullseye, the madman with perfect aim and no mercy, makes his debut.
    COLLECTING: Daredevil (1964) 108-132, Marvel Two-in-One (1974) 3

Villains assemble! A new era begins for the Avengers, with a fresh approach and a revamped roster including Quasar, She-Hulk and the Black Panther! But the team is soon pushed to its limits when the Lava Men attack! And when the Eternals’ home of Olympus vanishes, the trail leads to the Negative Zone. Can Sersi help the Avengers save Gilgamesh and locate her people? Then, a cabal of Marvel’s biggest bads join forces — and swap enemies! Thrown off-balance by an onslaught of unfamiliar foes, Avengers East and West must face Freedom Force, the U-Foes, the Mole Man and more, and discover the true architect of these Acts of Vengeance! And when the space pirate Nebula schemes to destroy the universe, will Spider-Man save the day…and join the team?!
    COLLECTING: Avengers (1963) 304-318, Avengers Annual (1967) 18, Avengers West Coast (1989) 53-55

Richard Rider is Nova, the original 1970s Human Rocket! Struck by energy sent by a dying alien, Rich has inherited the mantle of an intergalactic Nova Centurion! Now, the newly-minted hero must somehow balance schoolwork, a social life and a constant string of villains including Condor, Powerhouse, Diamondhead, Blackout…and the dreaded Sphinx, who seeks a secret that Nova doesn’t even know he’s carrying! Plus, Nova and Spider-Man unravel a murder mystery, Rich’s father is ensnared in an underworld scheme, and Nova joins…the dynamic Defenders? And when the Nova Corps’ homeworld Xandar comes under attack, Rich and his new allies leave Earth behind to join the cosmic fray — while the Fantastic Four tackle the Sphinx!
    COLLECTING: Nova (1976) 1-25; Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 171; Fantastic Four Annual (1963) 12; Defenders (1972) 62-64; Marvel Two-in-One Annual (1976) 3; Fantastic Four (1961) 204-206, 208-214; Marvel Two-in-One (1974) 91; Thing (1983) 34; material from What If? (1977) 36

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