Streaming on BBC Radio This Week: The Wicker Man, Tom Waits, Ingrid Pitt, Sherlock Holmes and More!

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Tom Waits with Iggy Pop - Echoing their famous joint appearance in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, the show sees Iggy and Tom pump the Confidential jukebox full of nickels and dimes.

Songs include Bangkok by Alex Chilton, Moon River by Frank Ocean and Colorado Kool-Aid by Johnny Paycheck, as well as the first spoken word song Tom heard on the radio and a couple of 60s TV theme tunes to raise a smile.

Radio 2's Piano Room: Madness - Madness performing live at Maida Vale with the BBC Concert Orchestra.

For over 40 years, Madness have been delighting millions of fans with their ska-inspired sounds, notching up 10 UK top 10 albums, 15 top 10 singles, collecting numerous awards along the way and providing the inspiration for the West End show Our House.

Still one of the best live acts around, they're currently touring the arenas of the UK and have just released their first new album in 7 years, 'Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie'. Their Piano Room set features C'est la Vie from the new album, all time favourite Our House and their take on The Specials' classic Friday Night Saturday Morning.

Radio 2's Piano Room: Haircut 100 - It's back to the 80's as Haircut 100 perform live at Maida Vale with the BBC Concert Orchestra.

In their short lived but incredibly successful run from 1981-84, the band, fronted by singer Nick Heyward, created instant classics including Love Plus One, Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), Nobody's Fool and Fantastic Day, songs that have stood the test of time and remain hugely popular 40 years later. Their 1982 debut album Pelican West was reissued earlier in the year, sparking a wave of renewed interest in the band and their music.

Haircut 100's Piano Room set revisits 2 of those 80s classics, Love Plus One and Fantastic Day, as well as their take on Harry Styles' As It Was performed alongside the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Doctor Who at 60: Peter Davison on My Life as a Mixtape - Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, takes us through the songs that have soundtracked his life and career.

The Price of Fear: Waxwork - Horror legend Vincent Price tells the mortifying tale of a man who spends the night among wax dummies. Starring Peter Barkworth, Joan Cooper, Cyril Shaps and Christopher Bidmead.

John Buchan: The 39 Steps - A man is murdered in Richard Hannay's London flat. So he goes on the run pursued by the police - and a gang of German spies intent on recovering a secret notebook which could destroy the British naval fleet... Starring David Robb and Tom Baker.

Sherlock Holmes with Carleton Hobbs - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Baker Street detective starring Carleton Hobbs.

Sentimental Journey: Ingrid Pitt - Arthur Smith accompanies the star of numerous 'Hammer House of Horror' films, Ingrid Pitt, on a trip back to Argentina.

Desert Island Discs Revisited: Christopher Lee - From Handel to Wagner. Hammer Horror actor Christopher Lee shares his castaway choices with Sue Lawley. From 1995.

The Wicker Man - While investigating the disappearance of a young girl in the remote Scottish island community of Summerisle, Sergeant Neil Howie encounters a conspiracy with sinister occult undertones. Starring Brian Blessed and Anthony DP Mann. Based on the cult British 1973 film written by Anthony Shaffer and directed by Robin Hardy.

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