New Music Releases: Post-Punk Britain, High Llamas

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Punk rock attracted both dreamers and schemers. Many were simply fired up by the music. Some were motivated by manifestos and personal agendas. 

Others vanished the moment the novelty wore off and the hair dye washed out, leaving behind one or two fine records. 

Others, like The Clash, The Jam and The Cure, resolved to stay the course, giving themselves new challenges while carving out successful careers. Above all, the post-punk landscape was populated with cult heroes. 

'Moving Away From The Pulsebeat' takes a whistlestop trip through that landscape as the dust settled on the apocalyptic overhaul of 1977. Curated in chronological order to preserve that journey, and capturing key singles, deep album cuts and fan favourites, this is the story of a genuinely subversive underground about to erupt upon the mainstream, rendering everything that had gone before irrelevant overnight. 

Presented in extreme detail, with band-by-band biographies, sleeve imagery, release information and introductory essay by the widely published Mark Paytress, 'Moving Away From The Pulsebeat' is an essential time capsule for veterans, collectors and newcomers alike.

Opened up by the delirious alchemy of contemporary pop music, Sean O’Hagan leaps back into life with High Llamas, with a set of killer tunes reflecting on dimensional levels how definitions change over time. Arranged by Sean and produced with mix collaborator Fryars to engage the eardrums in non-stop new possibilities, Hey Panda radiates optimism inspired by the joys and sorrows felt in former lifetimes and the diverse conundrums of today alike. 

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