New Comics Collected Editions: EC Covers Artisan Edition, Avengers Epic Collection, Robot Archie and the Time Machine

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Henry Peter Gyrich is determined to strip Earth's Mightiest Heroes of their government charter - but when the Grey Gargoyle crashes the hearing, the only motion is Avengers Assemble! Then, the action moves to Pittsburgh before a new nemesis arrives in the form of the Taskmaster!

In his first appearance, the villain who can replicate any hero's actions battles the Avengers, Yellowjacket, the Wasp…and Scott Lang, the new Ant-Man! On the way to issue #200, the team battles the towering robot Red Ronin, then unites against Ultron in an all-time classic! 

Also featuring Chris Claremont and Michael Golden's iconic Annual that introduces Rogue - co-starring Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman and the X-Men! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #189-209 and ANNUAL #10, and material from TALES TO ASTONISH (1979) #12.

EC Comics, under the guidance of publisher Bill Gaines, was--according to the editor of this collection--the greatest line of comics ever done. This once-in-a-lifetime Artist's Edition collects more than 140 EC covers by their best and brightest talents. The luminaries included in this gigantic (15 x 22 inches!) tome include:

Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Graham Ingels, Al Williamson, Johnny Craig, Frank Frazetta, Jack Davis, Al Feldstein, and more! To make a baseball analogy, this is a Murderers Row every bit as noteworthy as the '27 Yankees!

Also includes an Introduction by noted EC scholar Thommy Burns.

To Date IDW Publishing has won SIX Eisner Awards (the comic book equivalent of the Academy Awards).

Each cover in this collection has been scanned from the original art. While appearing to be in black and white, these images were scanned in COLOR, enabling the reader to see all the subtle nuances that make original art unique. Blue pencil notations, zip-a-tone, Duoshade, whiteout—all of these and more are clearly visible. Honestly, the only better way to see these covers is to be holding the original art in your hands!

Originally built by Professor C.R. Ritchie, the mechanical being known as Robot Archie was employed to battle injustices around the world, particularly in the jungles of Africa and South America.

The automated action hero has worked with the Professor to create 'The Castle' - a fully-functioning time machine! Together with the Professor's nephew, Ted Ritchie and his best friend Ken Dale, Archie is ready to embark on a journey through time that will bring him into conflicts with medieval knights and a terrifying, dystopian future where aliens have conquered the Earth!

Stories include:

Robot Archie's Time Machine originally printed in Lion, 20th April 1968 - 29th June 1968
The Superons originally published in Lion, 6th July 1968 - 2nd November 1968
Time Traveller published in Lion, 9th November 1968 - 11th January 1969
Robot Archie originally published in Lion & Valiant Special Extra! 1969
Robot Archie originally published in Lion Summer Special 1970
Colour  covers from Lion (27th April, 22nd June, 17th August, 20th September and 9th November 1968 and 4th January 1969) are also included in a covers gallery.