New Comics Collected Editions: ROM, Defenders of the Earth, Peanuts, More

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Locked in an endless struggle with the Dire Wraiths, Rom's solemn quest to eradicate them from Earth brings him into conflict with the Metal Master and his army of spiders, Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and more! The Spaceknight joins Namor to battle monsters of the deep, and Shang-Chi lends his deadly hands to thwart the Wraiths' black magic! Meanwhile, Rom's human friend Brandy Clark is transformed, and the impending arrival of the dreaded Dweller on the Threshold may spell doom for all! It's a cosmic epic featuring Doctor Strange, the In-Betweener, the Living Tribunal… and the human form of Rom?! Has he been freed from his armor at long last? All that, plus the Skrulls, the ever-lovin' Thing — and a tragedy that even Rom cannot withstand!

Collecting ROM (1979) #30-50 and ANNUAL #1-2, and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) #99.

Dark Horse Comics continues to showcase its dedication to publishing the greatest comics of all time with the release of the sixth spooky volume of the  Creepy magazine archives.

This collection of legendary yell yarns includes selections from revered writers Archie Goodwin and Harlan Ellison, among others, and groundbreaking artistic contributions from Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams, Angelo Torres, Jack Davis, underground comics great Vaughn Bodé, and more.

Let Cousin Eerie lead you through the shadows into total darkness in Eerie Archives Volume 6, now in a value-priced paperback edition. Feel the fear of the frightening fables from creators Tom Sutton, Ken Kelly, Richard Corben, Doug Moench, Basil Gogos, Carlos Garzon, Nicola Cuti, and more. Also includes an in-depth interview with longtime Warren Publishing scribe Doug Moench. Collects Eerie magazine issues #28-31. 

Sci-fi legend Flash Gordon must team up with the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and the super-strong Lothar to defend planet Earth against the dark forces of Ming the Merciless. Luckily, they'll get some help from the next generation of heroes: their children! Collects issues 1-4 of the original 1987 run from Star Comics. 

This facsimile edition of Here’s to you, Charlie Brown, first published in 1960. Featuring many of your favourite characters, including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Schroeder, Linus, Patty and Pigpen. This book is a facsimile edition of the classic Coronet edition Peanuts paperback book collects 128 pages of classic comic strips taken from the 1960s.