Best DC Direct action figures

We slagged their worst, now here's a look at some of the best action figures DC Direct has produced to date.

As mentioned in the "worst" post, the New Frontier series includes a pretty ugly Superman and a downright hideous Wonder Woman. Somehow, Darwyn Cooke's cool comics depictions just translate well into plastic. But that's not the case for the entire series. Check out this nice Batman and Doctor Fate. I like that there are wrinkles in the costuming--it's not that typical "painted-on" look. The anatomy is groovy and cartoony, yet not outrageous. I also like Batman's "eyebrows." And Doctor Fate has one of the niftiest costume designs in the history of comics. I love that helmet.

The Wonder Woman series 1, um, Wonder Woman is another nice recent figure. Based on Terry Dodson's art, which tends to be a tad, well, "over the top" in the anatomy department, the result is actually pretty attractive and normal looking. Yeah. Not many real-life women look like this. But it's not grotesquely exaggerated. And the face is nice.

The entire New Gods series looks great, in my opinion. They really capture that Jack Kirby look right down to the square knee caps and flat-ended fingers.

Most of the First Appearance series is very loyal to the comic book depictions, too. The Batman, for example, looks like he did on the cover of Detective Comics #27. I like the cloth cape.

The Shazam series is also pretty nice, although a bit generic. I would've loved to see Captain Marvel and Family depicted mid-40s style as drawn by C.C. Beck and co.
These figures look nice, but not cartoony enough. (Well, I guess at least Hoppy Bunny looks pretty cartoony).

Probably on account of the comics I love most (I'm a Silver- and Bronze-Age guy when it comes to superheroes), I think the Silver Age Batman and Superman series are the best work DC Direct has done to date. This Batman and Robin look like they stepped off a Carmine Infantino-drawn cover. And I prefer the Silver Age Superman to the newer Showcase presents version, which is supposed to be based on Curt Swan. To me, this one looks more like Swan's take on the character. And I think this Jimmy Olsen looks just great--I love the camera.

I'm looking forward to seeing what DC Direct does next, particularly now that the new Showcase Presents series is underway. I'm looking forward to a Kubert Sgt. Rock, a Kirby Challengers of the Unknown, a Nick Cardy Teen Titans, etc.