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Fun: New Simpsons 'Treehouse of Horror' Figs

Via Super 7:

Fans of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” - we have some scary-good news for you! Super7’s latest wave of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” ReAction Figures features some of your favorite characters from the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, including Nightmare Willie, Hell Toupée Homer, Hugo Simpson, and Witch Marge! Collect all of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” ReAction Figures, if you dare!

Cool Vincent Price Action Figure from Super 7

Order now from Amazon.

“It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.” There may not be anyone more synonymous with classic horror than the delightfully devilish Vincent Price. This 3.75” articulated Vincent Price ReAction Figure features the Master of Mayhem, his signature mustache, and a raven accessory all in diabolical vintage horror grayscale. Don’t be the last man on earth to get this Vincent Price ReAction Figure!

McFarlane Toys Brings Back 80s-style DC Super Powers Figures

The Super Powers line of action figures came out when I was "too old for toys." I was from the Mego generation. But these are pretty fun and the 80s kids should dig them.

Check 'em out. More info here.

New Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Figures

A nice lookin' batch. Click to order from Amazon.

A blast from the past! In an alternate universe, Kenner cranked out some amazing Marvel action figures in the 1980s - but not in ours! This Marvel Legends Retro 375 Collection 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Wave 8 Case of 8 is an artifact from another dimension, a "What If?" for kids of the 1980s. Each figure has five points of articulation and a retro cardback complete with a Kenner logo appropriate for this vintage.

Cool Dick Tracy and Flattop Action Figure Set

From One:12 Collective:

When black marketeers hire a contract killer to eliminate the one lawman who has threatened to end their crime spree, the stage is set for a colossal clash of cops and robbers. Will Ace Killer Flattop Jones Sr. fulfill his side of the bargain, or will Detective Dick Tracy get his man?

The One:12 Collective Dick Tracy wears his comic inspired, trademark 3-piece suit, trench coat, and fedora. Tracy is ready to solve any case, equipped with the tools of his trade including a service revolver, handcuffs, flashlight, two-way radio wristwatch, and more. The legendary crime stopper comes complete with three interchangeable head portraits with varying expressions. 

The One:12 Collective Flattop wears an outfit inspired by his appearance in the comic strip – a tailored suit, overcoat with faux-fur collar, and dress shoes. Flattop is equipped with more than enough firepower to get the job done including a tommy gun that breaks down and can be stored in an oversized violin case. The rogues gallery hitman comes complete with four head portraits with varying expressions. 

Order from Mezco Toyz.

New Marvel Legends Figures: Mojoworld! Japanese Spidey! Retro Sentinel! More!

Check availability on Amazon.

Mojoworld 4-Pack
Mojoworld figure 4-pack includes Longshot, Marvel’s Mojo, and Dazzler 6-inch action figures, as well as a Wolverine slug figure 

Marvel Legends Series 60th Anniversary Japanese Spider-Man

War Machine

Retro 375 Sentinel


Disney+ Sharon Carter

Check Out Mezco's New, Retro Amazing Spider-man Figure

More info here.


The One:12 Collective Amazing Spider-Man evokes the nostalgic look and feel of his early appearances in his comics, suited up in a classic Spider-Man suit with web detailing and a spider insignia on his front and back. The Amazing Spider-Man figure boasts a whooping 5 head portraits! These include a light-up eyes portrait, 2 masked portraits with different eye shapes, an unmasked Peter Parker portrait, and a Spider-Sense portrait.

Peter Parker has perfected his web formula and is brimming with all-new web accessories including a shield, parachute, body slingshot, lasso loop that attaches to the torsos of most One:12 Collective figures, a backpack that he can wear, and more. Track down the Green Goblin with the included spider-tracers or capture the perfect photo for the Daily Bugle with the included camera that can be worn around Spider-Man’s neck.

Part time student, scientist, and photographer - full-time superhero. With arachnid abilities, Peter Parker swings above it all as Spider-Man who lives and fights with the wisdom of “with great power comes great responsibility”.