Buffy reunion details and pics!

Cast and crew members from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" got together for a panel discussion about the show at the Paley Center in Los Angeles last night. TV Guide has some highlights:

Dark Buffy : Gellar admitted that both Whedon and Noxon had to "talk her down off the ledge" a few times during the controversial sixth season, which saw Buffy morph from a butt-kicking heroine into a dark, bitter basket case. Ultimately, Whedon agreed that the real Buffy had "been gone to long" that season.

Unsung hero : Gellar agreed with Whedon’s assessment of Kristine Sutherland (aka Buffy’s mom) being one "of the most underrated" actresses working today.

More Buffy : Whedon acknowledged that "so many stars would have to allign" in order to pull off a Buffy movie. "But," he added, "I think it would be really cool."



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