Jack Kirby works go on display in Switzerland

The largest-ever gathering of the King's works is on display at the Fummeto International Comics Festival in Lucerne.

"Jack Kirby: The House That Jack Built", the first major retrospective of original art by Jack Kirby. Over 150 works spanning from 1942 to 1985 will be on display from 1-9 May. Included will be all but two pages from "Whosoever Finds The Evil Eye!" (1966, Fantastic Four 54), the seven page "City of Ghouls!" (1954, Fighting American 2), the 22 page "Flower" (1973, Kamandi 6), the cover and 16 pages for "Good-Bye Broadway, Hello Death!" (1975, Our Fighting Forces 156) as well as rare sketches and key pages from throughout Kirby's career.

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