One man show revives Viv Stanshall

An assortment of former Rutles, Bonzo Dog Band members turned out to see the premiere of "Vivian Stanshall's Sir Henry at Rawlinson End," a one-man performance of the late Bonzo's surreal comedy stories featuring actor Mike Livesley.

Mojo reports:

Backed by a crack team of musicians, under the direction of Bill Leach, Livesley's one-hour performance gives weight and truth to that old theatrical cliché, "a comic tour-de-force".

The first person to be granted family permission to stage a production of Rawlinson End since Vivian's death in 1995, Livesley has turned this absurdly loquacious family drama, and rococo-curlicued musical play-for-voices into a hysterically joyous theatrical experience. As did Stanshall, Livesley speaks all the character voices himself, from the stentorian grotesqueries of foul Sir Henry to the sweetly sad laments of Great Aunt Florrie and the lonesome camperies of brother Hubert.

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