The next Fantagraphics Carl Barks' collection is Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret

I just love Fantagraphics' new Carl Barks Library collections of classic Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics, so it's always fun to hear about what's coming up.

The next installment is "Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret." Here's the cover:

And here are the contents:

“The Old Castle’s Secret”
“In Darkest Africa”
“Wintertime Wager”
“Watching the Watchman”
“Going Ape”
“Spoil The Rod”
“Bird Watching”
“Horseshoe Luck”
“Bean Taken”
“Rocket Race to the Moon”
“Donald of the Coast Guard”
“Gladstone Returns”
“Links Hijinks”
“Sorry to be Safe”
“Sheriff of Bullet Valley”
“Best Laid Plans”
“The Genuine Article”
“Pearls of Wisdom”
“Foxy Relations”
“Wintertime Wager” first appearance of Gladstone Gander
“Watching the Watchman”
“Going Ape”
“Spoil The Rod” helloooo Pulpheart Clabberhead
“Donald of the Coast Guard”
“Pearls of Wisdom”
“Foxy Relations” 

Meanwhile, the next Barks Library book set for release is "Donald Duck: A Christmas for Shacktown," out Nov. 22.


  1. Facebook's page confirmed the release date as June 2013


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