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Check out Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn

See a preview of Fantagraphics' next installment in the Carl Barks Library here.

This series of hardcovers presenting the complete Donald Duck and Uncle Scooge stories by master cartoonist Barks is top notch, with excellent production, background notes and presentation. The volumes are reasonably priced, too. Genuine fun for the whole family.

Review: Donald Duck - A Christmas for Shacktown

What a nice way to spend my holiday break: reading this new volume in Fantagraphics' ongoing re-publishing of the great Carl Barks' Donald  Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics.

The title story, of course, has a Christmas theme and a number of the other stories also feature a holiday and winter setting, making it perfect for this time of year.

But, then, anytime is perfect for Barks. He was the perfect cartoonist. He was so good at nearly everything: Humor, adventure, dialogue, visual storytelling, plot, lovely artwork, etc. He could do wonderfully funny one-page humor strips or 30-plus page adventure stories with equal aplomb.

This volume features some great stuff: The heartwarming title story, in which Donald and his nephews run themselves ragged trying to get cheap old Uncle Scrooge to donate a few bucks to the needy, the debut of Scrooge's money pit, and a couple of great adventure-quest stories: "The Golden Helmet" and "The Gilded Man."

This stuff is so much fun and stands up very well. My 9-year-old daughter had a great time breezing through it, too.

It's also the best value among the current treasure trove of comic and comic strip reprints. For under $20 (online), you get a lovingly designed hardcover featuring 200-some pages of Barks comics in fabulous color on durable, non-shiny pages. Plus, there's a nice overview of stories, placing them in historical context and a bio of Barks in the back. I love DC's Archives and Marvel's Omnibus volumes, but I wish their reprints were more like this.

Don't miss this opportunity to collect the Complete Barks!

The next Fantagraphics Carl Barks' collection is Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret

I just love Fantagraphics' new Carl Barks Library collections of classic Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics, so it's always fun to hear about what's coming up.

The next installment is "Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret." Here's the cover:

And here are the contents:

“The Old Castle’s Secret”
“In Darkest Africa”
“Wintertime Wager”
“Watching the Watchman”
“Going Ape”
“Spoil The Rod”
“Bird Watching”
“Horseshoe Luck”
“Bean Taken”
“Rocket Race to the Moon”
“Donald of the Coast Guard”
“Gladstone Returns”
“Links Hijinks”
“Sorry to be Safe”
“Sheriff of Bullet Valley”
“Best Laid Plans”
“The Genuine Article”
“Pearls of Wisdom”
“Foxy Relations”
“Wintertime Wager” first appearance of Gladstone Gander
“Watching the Watchman”
“Going Ape”
“Spoil The Rod” helloooo Pulpheart Clabberhead
“Donald of the Coast Guard”
“Pearls of Wisdom”
“Foxy Relations” 

Meanwhile, the next Barks Library book set for release is "Donald Duck: A Christmas for Shacktown," out Nov. 22.

Preview Fantagraphics' Walt Disney's Donald Duck: A Christmas for Shacktown

Fantagraphics has posted a 24-page preview of the next installment of its Complete Carl Barks Library: "Donald Duck - A Christmas for Shacktown," out Nov. 22.

The third volume of Fantagraphics’ reprinting of Carl Barks’s classic Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge work, like the previous volume Uncle Scrooge: Only a Poor Old Man, focuses on the early 1950s, universally considered one of Barks’s very peak periods.

Originally published in 1951, "A Christmas for Shacktown" is one of Barks's masterpieces: A rare 32-pager that stays within the confines of Duckburg, featuring a storyline in which the Duck family works hard to raise money to throw a Christmas party for the poor children of the city’s slums (depicted by Barks with surprisingly Dickensian grittiness), and climaxing in one of the most memorable images Barks ever created, the terrifying bottomless pit that swallows up all of Scrooge's money.

But there's lots more gold to be found in this volume (literally), which features both the "The Golden Helmet" (a quest off the coast of Labrador for a relic that might grant the finder ownership of America, reducing more than one cast member to a state of Gollum-like covetousness) while "The Gilded Man" features a hunt for a rare stamp in South America — two more of Barks's thrilling full-length adventure stories.

But that's less than half the volume! This volume also features ten of Barks's smart and funny 10-pagers, including a double whammy of yarns co-starring Donald's insufferable cousin ("Gladstone’s Usual Very Good Year" and "Gladstone’s Terrible Secret"), as well as another nine of Barks's rarely seen one-page Duck gags… all painstakingly recolored to match the original coloring as exactly as possible, and supplemented with an extensive series of notes and behind-the-scenes essays by the foremost Duck experts in the world.

Preview the first volume of Fantagraphics' complete Carl Barks Donald Duck reprints

The Beat presents a seven-page preview from Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes, the first volume in Fantagraphics' series of Carl Barks duck tales. Very much looking forward to this, having missed out on the previous Barks collections in hardcover. Amazon has the book in stock now for only $13.78.

Preview of Carl Barks' Donald Duck Lost in the Andes book from Fantagraphics

Having missed out on earlier comprehensive reprints of Carl Barks tremendous Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck work, I'm really looking forward to the first installment in Fantagraphics' Barks reprints: "Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes" this October.

Barks' classic long-form Duck tales offer a wonderful, whimsical blend of humor and adventure that's appealing to nostalgic adults and fun to read with your kids.

You can get an early peek at the book via a promotional flier for download here.

Fantagraphics to publish complete Carl Barks Duck collection

Oh yeah, sign me up:

In what is sure to be one of the most acclaimed comics events of 2011, Fantagraphics has announced that they will be publishing a definitive collection of Carl Barks’ seminal run of Donald Duck comic stories.

...the first volume will be released in fall of this year. The comics will be published in hardcover volumes, with two volumes coming out every year, at a price of about $25 per volume.

Hardcover series collects complete Carl Barks Donald Duck comics

Oh man, I'm gonna have to rob a bank or something...

This is the English version of a hardcover series previously published overseas. The first three-book box set (960 pages total) will be out here (sez Amazon) from Gemstone Publishing in November. It's available for pre-order now. Altogether, there will be 10 such sets!



It's here - a ten-volume hardback set collecting Carl Barks' complete Disney comics cycle! Remastered in more exceptional quality and color than earlier editions, the great tales of Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Gladstone Gander, and Gyro Gearloose are accompanied by a vast selection of archival rarities and fascinating new editorials by lifetime Barks scholar Geoffrey Blum. This initial boxed set includes Barks' very first 1940s adventures, including "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold," "The Mummy's Ring," and "Pluto Saves the Ship!"

Here's a look at the complete German set: