Pop culture roundup: Stan Lynde, Sean Lennon, "Mad Men" Barbies, Pete Townshend

Stan Lynde, creator of the "Rick O'Shay" and "Latigo" comic  strips is leaving his native Montana at age 81 to move to Ecuador. He's also leaving much of his work behind, donating it to the state historical museum.


Sean Lennon is taking a pretty under-the-radar career approach, lately, scoring indy movies such as "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead" and the superhero-themed "Alter Egos," in which he has a cameo as a super villain.

Here's a video of him composing and recording a tune for the latter film:


"Mad Men" Barbies, in their own hip playhouse:



Pete Townshend, who recently published his own memoirs, talks to the New York Times Sunday Book Review about his reading habits.