Pop culture roundup: Walt Disney; Edgar Rice Burroughs; Superman

Esquire looks at what might have been: Walt Disney's Lost City of Tomorrow.
It all began with a vision of a wheel. Folks would call the circumference home, while a climate-controlled city center would house corporations from all over the world. Between the urban and suburban would lie the greenbelt, dotted with parks, golf courses, and anything else paradise had to offer. A web of electric monorails and car-sized movers would act as the spokes, zipping residents to and fro. No more grueling commute. No more noisy streets. No more of life's little frustrations.

The challenge of illustrating Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom.


Hake's Auctions is selling off one of the greatest collections of Superman memorabilia.


A new, very pricey, book looks at classic airline ads.