Coming Soon: Velvet Underground 5-CD 45th anniversary box set

Out Oct. 30.

- The original album remastered in both stereo and mono
- A generous selection of demos, early versions and alternate mixes from that era
- A newly remastered/re-edited version of Live At Max s Kansas City
- Two high resolution mixes, plus a surround sound mix in DTS and Dolby Digital
- An unreleased May 1970 concert recorded in Philadelphia

The final disc is an audio only DVD that features three different mixes of Loaded:
- Surround Sound Remix in DTS and Dolby Digital
- 96/24 High resolution Stereo Downmix
- 96/24 High resolution Original Stereo Mix
For the Surround Sound and Stereo Downmix, the original track listing has been re-sequenced slightly to include the segue that was originally planned for I Found A Reason/Head Held High.