Pop Culture Roundup: Bob Dylan; Four Tops; Chris Samnee, Will Eisner

An in-depth analysis of Bob Dylan's Christmas lights.
Mounted on the highest branches of the huge hedge that protects the privacy of his front yard, Mr. Dylan's brand new lights stood in stark contrast to their weather-worn predecessors, perhaps still trapped deep in the middle of this same hedge where they are resigned to growing ever more faded with the passage of time.
The new 2015 "roller coaster of lights" seemed to make a relatively joyous statement, bringing a more circuslike holiday atmosphere to the block. Were they the work of a reimagined "Big Top Bob," a man in the midst of spiritual rebirth?

Via Monkey Picks: Street safety Motown style.


Chris Samnee is among the better comics artists working today, in my opinion. Here's a nice batch of his black-and-white pin-ups.


The Comics Journal remembers Will Eisner's "Star Jaws."