Friday, March 04, 2016

Pop Culture Roundup: The state of comic books; Sherlock Holmes; Bob Dylan, more

Comic Book Resources has a good piece suggesting that DC and Marvel's comic book lines would be better off if their characters and storylines jibed with their depictions on TV and in movies. I think this is a good idea, too, and wonder why the Big Two haven't done so already.
It only makes sense: If you want to get new people, particularly, new young people reading comics, make them accessible. The Avengers in the comics should be similar enough to those in the movies that kids can pick up a comic and jump right in. It would also force comics creators to focus on story, rather than playing a shell game with decades-old continuity and using trumped up "events" to boost sales.


Via the Golden Age: Numerous depictions of Sherlock Holmes.


Via the Fabuleous Fifties: A great selection late 1940s cartoons from Collier's magazine.


The New York Times visits Bob Dylan's secret archive.

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