Pop Culture Roundup: Charles AtlasJack Kirby; Dick Tracy; Jonny Quest

See a selection of Charles Atlas parody ads.


A new Canadian theatrical production, "King Kirby," tells the tale of Marvel Comics genius Jack Kirby. There's a review here.
The scene in which Lee robs Kirby of his credit, royalties and dignity is powerful because we see the result of the shift in status these two men went through in their relationship as Klein melts into himself and LeReaney puffs up.
As Roz Goldstein, the woman who became Jack’s wife, Cheryl Hutton is one feisty broad as well she needs to be to keep bolstering Jack’s resolve and shielding him from all those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


The crazy goodness of Dick Tracy.


Listen to a vintage Jonny Quest kids LP.