Friday, September 16, 2016

Pop Culture Roundup: View-Master; Mike Grell; Stan Lee; Star Trek; Jack Cole

Mattel is coming out with a Batman: The Animated Series virtual reality View-Master.


I was a big fan of Mike Grell in the 1970s and 80s but his comic art doesn't get a lot of discussion these days. Here's a gallery of some of his covers via 13th Dimension.


Weird: Twentieth Century Fox plans to make an action film based on Stan Lee's life.

The project will be no biopic, but rather an adventure with Lee as the main character. Kingsman and Moore-era James Bond movies had dapper heroes who quipped one-liners — and, in Moore’s case, flirted with the ladies — as they sparred with larger-than-life evildoers.


In celebration of the series' 50th anniversary, the U.S. Postal Service delivers (ha! I crack myself up) Star Trek stamps!


Via Pappy's Golden Age: Jack Cole's Death Patrol.

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