Friday, November 18, 2016

Pop Culture Roundup: George Perez; Steve Ditko; Sergio Aragones

Dumb: George Perez and a small number of other comics creators must be big boosters of the Electoral College system because they've decided to no longer attend comics conventions in "red" states. That means any of their Democratic-voting fans who happen to live in those places also get deprived. It's not a smart or productive way to combat policies you disagree with.


Just in time for the "Doctor Strange" film, Vulture has a long feature about his reclusive co-creator Steve Ditko.

For decades, it was rumored that [Stan] Lee and Ditko’s split was caused by a disagreement about whom they’d reveal as the alter ego of the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin. Ditko finally dispelled that notion last year, when he published an essay that said his reason for leaving was much simpler: “Why should I continue to do all these monthly issues,” he says he thought to himself, “original story ideas, material, for a man who is too scared, too angry over something, to even see, talk to me?”

Via the Fabulous Fifties: A gallery of single-panel horror tunes by the brilliant Sergio Aragones.

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